Q:What is Balanx ? And what is it for?

A:BalanX EMS is a Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) home fitness system. Using medical EMS technology, our system helps users to recruit more muscle fibers into exercises at the same time, providing high-efficient training in 20~30 minutes every time

Q:Why Whole body EMS can do more?

A: The main purpose of Whole-Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is to recruit more muscle to exercises. For normal people, when we exercises, only 40~60% of muscle fiber may participate. However, with proper intensity electrical pulse to stimulate muscle, nearly 90% muscle fiber of target muscle group will be recruited.

Q: Can it be used daily?

A: Do not use it for a long time (more than 30 minutes) per day, It is possible to cause physical fatigue. We suggest 2 times per week at the beginning, if you can get use to it, you can have more training step by step.

Q: How long does it take to deliver to where I live?

A: Usually, It takes 15 working days more or less to make the manufacture and get everything together, plus the time that it takes to ship where you live by an express transport service. However, if the logistics is affect by irresistible reasons, it will need more time.

Q:What muscles does the Balanx System activate?

A: Balanx muscle groups( (arms, chest, back, trapezius, External oblique, abdomen, core, glutes(gluteus), quadriceps, hamstrings) at the same time.

Q: Do you have my size?

A: Yes. We created Balanx to help all people improve their health and fitness. The Balanx system is modular by design and able to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes. If you are in doubt, get in touch contact support@balanxtech.com.

Q: How to chose my suit size?

A: You can just measure your hip circle for getting the information of which size do you need.

Q: Can two people work out together?

A:Yes, Balanx support multiplayer mode, up to 7 HUBs can be connected to a mobile phone or pad, but each Balanx user need their own HUB.

Q: How long is a Balanx workout

A: typical Balanx workout takes 30 minutes,a 5 minute warm up and 20 minutes whole body training and 5 minutes recovery session.

Q:Can I use this product in the bathroom?

A: Do not use it in a place with high humidity such as a bathroom, or there will be a strong shock.

Q: Which intensity should I use?

A: When use it for the first time, please try the intensity from the minimum value to higher, the app will keep the record of your prior use. Please note the intensity could be felt stronger after you sweat.

Q: Can I apply body cream before using this product?

A: Body cream is sticky and may affect the electrodes. So please use the cream after EMS training process.

Q: Can I use this product during pregnancy or postpartum conditioning?

A: Please do not use this product during the pregnancy period. We suggest postpartum women to consult the doctor to confirm body condition before postpartum exercising. Balanx suit is also effective for post-natal shaping.

Q: Can I use it while sleeping?

A: Do not use it while sleeping. There may be a malfunction of the hub, and the electrode may be moved to other parts to cause physical discomfort.

Q: Can I wear electronic devices or accessories to use the product?

A: External electronic equipment is wearable, like sport band and smart watch. But do not use product with pacemaker etc.

Q: Can I use it for others during use?

A: In the using process, if you use it for others, be sure to set the status to pause or terminate before moving. Otherwise, you may experience a strong shock.

Q: What is forbidden in training?

A: Do not touch other people with your two hands at the same time.

Q: How often do I need to charge my HUB?

A: You can typically get 3~5 workouts on one charge of your HUB.

Q: Who can use the Balanx Training System?

A: Balanx is for almost everyone! If you are over 16 years old, you can use it for most different training experience. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, and no matter your training history, we can help you achieve your fitness goals. Note: Balanx is intended for adult use only and must not be used by pregnant women and those with pacemakers. Please see the Balanx Instruction Manual for additional information.

Q: What is the ideal amount of time between washes

A: It should be washed as soon as possible after each use to prevent sweat from oxidizing the silver fiber electrode. Balanx EMS suit is washable but only limited to the hand wash in cold water.

Q:How to wash it

A: You can hand-wash the suit but only limited to cold water, or you can choose to wipe the suit by using the cleaning wipes. Laundry liquid is forbidden for use. Also, it needs to be natural air-drying and the inner side should not shine by the sun. Dry Laundry is not allowed, neither the ironing. forbidden:avoid using Laundry liquid/Dry Laundry / the ironing pay attention:(1) natural air-drying and the inner side should not shine by the sun. (2)The conductive matter (silver sheet) and wire are built in, you don’t need to insert by hand. (3)They are not one-time use, but should carefully maintenance. Wash the suit every time after use, because the NaCl in sweat will chlorination the silver sheet. If properly used, the suit can be washed 200-400 times.

Q: Can I return my suit if I don't like it?suit

A: You can return it for a refund of the purchase price within 15 days of receipt.

Q: If I have a problem with the system how do I get in touch with the support team?

A: Please send a video with the problem and write a little explanation of what happens also with the box serial number to support@balanxtech.com and in a term of 24 hours you will be replied.

Q: The hub works but I don’t feel the suit working

A: Please check 1. Whether the equipment and clothes are in place; 2. is the user's body is dry or wet (the sweating state is obviously irritated); 3. which mode used, Except for aerobic and relaxation modes, another 4 modes are warm-ups and no stimulation output.

Q: The hub don't work

A: it may caused by 2 situation: 1: check the back of the machine whether the machine’s shell is raised due to eh burning of the device; 2: Caused by the failure of the update(DFU). To determine did you performed any upgrade operations before these failures. If it is 1 situation: Please return the clothes and equipment for inspection; if it is 2 situation, place the device for about 5 hours (the battery will run out by itself, don't care about it), and charge it then turn on it.