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Quick-start guide

Ⅰ. When you get your suit …

1. Unwrap your suit

Carefully tear the vacuum pack open.

Check the tag to ensure the size is correct.

2.Try your suit on

Please keep your underwear on when checking it fits you!

A. Note the zipper is on the back of your BalanX suit. Step into your suit, and pull the legs up as high as possible

B. Move the waist of the suit up until it’s in place, and then insert your arms into the sleeves

C. Reach around the back, find the zipper string, and pull the zipper closed

D. Button clasp

E. Make sure your suit fits snugly on your body!


We want you to have a great experience using BalanX. If you have any problem launching or using the app, please send an email to gobalanx@gmail.com and tell us:
—what kind of phone you are using (eg “iPhone X”)
—what your problem is.

If you are using for the first time, we recommend that you look again detailed instruction, this will be of great help for you to use Balanx.

Ⅱ. The use of software.

1. First set up the Permission setting:

For Android Users: when you enter Balanx App for the first time, please allow the App to request read and write permission. Read and write permission is used to save your usage habits, and the location permission is used for bluetooth.
For Apple Users: before iOS13, you didn't have to ask for bluetooth permission to use your APP.Since iOS12.4, apple has added bluetooth access to the APP, so please ask for permission to use bluetooth when you first use the APP, or open Balanx's bluetooth access in Settings.

2. Then scan and connect the hub in APP

1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your phone
2. Press and hold the power button on the hub
- If the hub is charged, a green light will appear
- If the hub is out of charge, a red light will appear
3. Use the BalanX app to connect to your hub—you won’t see it in your Bluetooth settings
4. Tap the “SCAN” button in the upper right corner
5. Tap the name of the hub you want to pair with
6. When the hub connects via Bluetooth, the light will change from green to blue
7. When the hub is connected, the app will show how much charge the hub’s battery has.
Please note: you may need to wait up to 30 seconds for the app to show the correct amount of charge your hub has. If the light on your hub is yellow when you turn it on, please use the USB-C charging cable to charge your hub, and then try again.
-The hub searching list will appear in individual mode CPM, select the device and click connect.(if there are multiple devices, please pay attention to the light change of hub. After connected, it will change from green to blue)

Note: If you need to change to group mode, please click the Settings button on the upper left corner of the homepage, in the group mode line, click "switch" button.

-Connect hub in group mode and bind users in turn. After binding, you can adjust the intensity of any user in the intensity adjustment page.

3. Connect the hub to the suit

Find the connector on the right hip of the suit
Slide the bottom of the hub onto the top of the base and push it down Make sure the hub connects to the USB connector on the base with a firm click.

4. Find your personal settings

The new version of Balanx software has added the content of training courses. Users can choose the right courses for training according to their own needs, like"PROGRAMME FOR ADVANCED," "BODYWEIGHT ONLY BENCHMARK" "ABS ACTIVATION" and "AEROBIC TRAINING" The previous content only retained the "RELAX".
Advanced users can also "create new scheme" according to your own needs. Here’s how to find your first settings in “Create new scheme”.
A. You’ll see a dial for every different muscle group—you’re going to set the intensity and then press “TEST” to see how it feels.
B. Every electrode can be set from 0%-100% intensity. For most people, 20% is a mild setting, and we suggest you start there. We recommend you do not go above 50% unless you are working with a trainer!
C. To set all the electrodes at once, make sure “All” is selected—you will see all the dials go orange to indicate they are all active. Tap the minus and plus buttons to set the intensity.
D. To set an individual electrode, deselect “All” and then tap on the electrode you want to set. It will go orange to indicate you are changing its settings.
When you want to test out your settings, tap “TEST.” The suit will operate for a minute.
If you don’t feel anything, check the hub is properly connected to the suit, and that the light on the hub is flashing green. If you want to change the settings, press “STOP” and adjust the dials.

Please note:
—It is recommended to adjust the intensity from the lowest level and gradually increase the intensity. Do not adjust the intensity too high for the first time
—most people will need to increase the intensity of the hip and leg electrodes, as the muscle there might be stronger than elsewhere
—if you have open wounds or irritated skin anywhere on your body, set the corresponding electrode to 0%, as this could be very uncomfortable
—to customise the type of stimulation, click “Impulse” at the lower left corner; you can select different waveforms, harmonic frequencies and duration of impulse to match your fitness goals

5. Impulse Adjustment page

Balanx provides two pulse modes, five harmonic waveforms, and twelve harmonic frequencies.You can adjust these parameters according to the needs of sports to achieve better training results.

Two pulse modes

Steady: Steady output current is for training with a long period of consistent movement (such as an elliptical trainer) and provides users with a continuous, stable muscle stimulation.

Impulse: this mode is the patented technology of Balanx, which realizes the waveform slow intensity modulation by adjusting the output current intensity in the second level. This mode is for repetitive movement training—you can set the amount of pulses in a group, the amount of times the group will be run, the duration of pauses between pulses and the duration of the pulse itself. You can also set the time the pulse ramps up and down.

Five harmonic waveforms
Balanx provides five different harmonic waveforms, including sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, sawtooth wave and exponential wave.
Each wave gives you a different feeling. Sine and exponential waves, for example, are more soothing; The triangle and the sawtooth wave, on the other hand, give the trainer a more obvious sense of stimulation.

Twelve Harmonic frequencies

Balanx offers 12 harmonic frequencies from 5Hz to 120Hz.The output of different frequency will give a person different feelings. For low frequency (5Hz), the muscle vibration is stronger, suitable for specific strength training. For a higher frequency (120Hz), the muscles will experience limp and numb, which is more active to the vegetative nervous system and is suitable for “aerobic training”

Ⅲ.Training with your BalanX suit

1. Before training

Your suit needs a little moisture to function properly. Warm up until you perspire slightly, or spray the electrodes with water to moisten them.

2.Getting Started

Training Page: Enter this page, program begins countdown, training preparation begins

The first few moves in the new version are warm-up. We found that the electrode coating of Balanx EMS is not that easy to contact with human body surface under dry environment.So we added the warm-up step, on the one hand, to better stretch the muscles and prevent injury. On the other hand, it is also hoped that users can slightly sweat, so that the electrode clothing and human skin more closely connected.(For users who do not like to sweat, please use a spray bottle to spray a few drops of water on the silver fiber conductive cloth inside the electrode clothing in advance.)

When it comes to testing, please click "testing".At the same time, the interface will return to the intensity adjustment page, and the device will start pulse output. At this point, the user will feel the current in the area with the intensity setting.Then the test can be stopped and the current output intensity of the corresponding part can be adjusted.Until the user feels fine,click "start" again, and there is the interface just tested.If the test is completed, click "end test" and the APP will conduct the next set of training with electrical pulse output.

Start training

Some workouts that come with the app do not immediately give stimulation, but take you through a quick warm-up first.

If you find the intensity is very low, or you can’t feel it all:
—check the green light is flashing on the hub
—check the hub is firmly connected to the connector in the base
—warm up your body to get a little sweat going
—spray water on the electrodes
—check the intensity settings; sensitivity varies from person to person, but most people will not feel much below 20%.

If you feel a strong tingling sensation:
—reduce the intensity or turn off the power in the corresponding part
—check whether there is an open wound in that area of your skin.
If you feel very uncomfortable or ill:
—stop using your suit immediately
—wait until you’re fully rested before using the suit again

During training

We recommend training for between 20-30 minutes.
You can use any of the gym equipment you normally use, or take part in aerobics, yoga, pilates or other gym courses or customized training plans.
—Start slow with low weights before you do get use to the suit and the pulse. The suit will do the extra stimulation of muscles.
—We recommend you do the self-weight training, more plans will also come up soon.

After Training

Turn off the power.

Wash the suit immediately, following the cleaning instructions below.

If you follow the instructions carefully, you can use the suit 400 times, and the battery in the hub can be used 500 times. If you use the suit twice a week, that works out at over 8 years of life for the suit, and over 10 years of life for the hub!

Pay attention to your diet, and your intake of protein and vitamins. Also pay attention to rest and hydration.

Soreness after training is normal—muscle buildup occurs when muscle is torn during training. You should avoid driving for long periods of time or engaging in dangerous physical activity.

Ⅳ. Caring for your BalanX suit.

1. Washing

You can wash your suit by hand, or in a washing machine. However:
—Do not rub vigorously
—No Acidity and alkaline on the electrodes. You can only use Neutral detergent (the silver fiber electrode itself has antibacterial properties)

2. Drying

Air dry your suit only.

Do not:
—put your suit in a dryer
—allow direct sunlight on the electrodes
—dry your suit inside out
—dry at high temperatures

The right way to dry: Air dry