Suit on
1.How to wear
unzip the suits
Step into your suit
find the zipper string zip up suits
Button clasp
Check the green light is flashing on the hub
Check the hub is firmly connected to the connector in the base
2.How to use
Warm up your body to get a little sweat ;
Spray water on the electrodes;
Check the intensity settings; sensitivity varies from person to person, but most people will not feel much below 20%.
If you feel a strong tingling sensation:
Reduce the intensity or turn off the power in the corresponding part;
Check whether there is an open wound in that area of your skin.
If you feel very uncomfortable or ill:
Stop using your suit immediately;
Wait until you’re fully rested before using the suit again.
Important Note: The gap between the intensity of each electrode pad should not exceed 20%.
During training
The BalanX EMS system is an efficient muscle stimulation training program that is not used more than twice a week for 20 - 30 minutes.

In addition, you can use any fitness equipment you normally use during your training, or participate in aerobics, yoga, pilates and other fitness classes or a customized training program. During training also need to start slow with low weights before you do get use to the suit and the pulse. The suit will do the extra stimulation of muscles.
3.Prohibition and Caution
1. Prohibit the use of Balanx during the following situations:
①Heart disease patients;
②Abnormal blood pressure patients;
④Pregnant women;
⑤Malignant tumor patients;
⑥High fever patients;
⑦Patients with infectious diseases;
⑧Patients with skin perception disorder or skin abnormalities;
⑨Acute disease patients;
⑩Other patients who are being treated by a doctor and feel abnormal;
※Otherwise, an accident or physical discomfort may occur.
2. Never use it with the following medical electrical devices:
①In vivo implantable medical electrical devices such as cardiac pacemakers;
②Artificial heart and lung and other medical electrical devices for life;
③Medical electrical devices such as electrocardiographs;
※The use of Balanx may make these medical electrical devices malfunction.
3.Do not disassemble or modify the whole product:
※It may cause malfunction or electric shock.
1.When your body or skin is not feeling well, consult a doctor and follow the advice;
※Please stop using if you feel dizzy and headache.
2.Do not clap with other users during EMS training in case of electric shock.Please make sure the hub has been stopped or paused before touching other people.
※Otherwise, you may experience a strong shock.
3.In the course of use, if you change to use it for others, be sure to set the status to pause or end before moving.
※Otherwise, you may experience a strong impact.
4.Do not use Balanx if you are wearing electrical devices or accessories.
※The electrical device may malfunction (For example, the pacemaker is out of order).
5.Do not use it for children or people who are unconscious.
※An accident or physical discomfort may occur.
6.Do not use it in a place with high humidity, like bathroom.
※There will be a strong impact.
7.Do not use it while sleeping.
※The use of Balanx while sleeping may cause a malfunction of the suit, the electrode may be dislocated and lead to physical discomfort.
8.Do not touch the electrode pads with metal parts during use, for example belts and necklaces.
※There may be a strong impact.
9.Do not use it for a long time (More than 30 minutes per day).
※It is possible to cause physical fatigue.
10.Don’t use it while driving.
※Otherwise, it may cause an accident or malfunction after user is strongly stimulated.
11.Don’ t operate the hub when your hands are wet.
※There may be a electric shock or accident.
12.Don’ t use when there is open wound in the electrode part of skin.
※There may be feel a strong tingling sensation or burn skin.
4.After Training
√ Turn off the power.

√ Wash the suit immediately, following the cleaning instructions below.

√ If you follow the instructions carefully, you can use the suit 400 times, and the battery in the hub can be used 500 times. If you use the suit twice a week, that works out at over 8 years of life for the suit, and over 10 years of life for the hub!

√ Pay attention to your diet, and your intake of protein and vitamins. Also pay attention to rest and hydration.

√ Soreness after training is normal—muscle buildup occurs when muscle is torn during training. You should avoid driving for long periods of time or engaging in dangerous physical activity.

5.Caring For Your BalanX Suit
Washing: You can wash your suit by hand, or in a washing machine.
For the care and maintenance of fabrics, the following washing instructions are recommended:

Gentle circulation (easy care) at Max. 30°C.Maximum rotation speed :800 minutes.Wash clothes in a mesh laundry bag and do not turn them over. Tighten all the Velcro before cleaning. Appropriate exercise or mild detergent (no bleach) should be used.Do not use fabric softener. Do not rub vigorously. Air dry your suit only.

Do not:
Avoid Chemical
(Do not use any detergent,wash by clean water only )
Do not dry clean
Avoid Direct Sunshine
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Avoid Sharp Item