Warranty Coverage

Warranty includes but is not limited to the following regulations:
* Functional failure of the main equipment during normal use of the warranty;
* Functional failure of the training suit during normal use during the warranty period.
The warranty commitment does not apply to the following situations:
* The product has exceeded the free warranty period;
* Failure caused by accidental drop during use;
* Failure caused by lack of reasonable maintenance;
* Machine failure and clothing failure caused by not following the correct instructions in the instruction manual;
* Appearance losses such as scratches and smudges generated during use;
* Failure or damage caused by accidental factors or human factors (including operation errors, liquid intake, scratches / stab wounds, handling, bumping, improper insertion and removal, foreign matter falling, rodent damage, insect damage);
* Failure caused by force majeure (such as external factors such as fire, earthquake, typhoon, flood or war);
* Failures caused by improper repairs not authorized by our company;
* Due to the above reasons, the BalanX electric pulse training suit cannot be used and will be repaired at cost;
* Lifetime maintenance of this product, if the warranty period is exceeded, the company will charge a corresponding fee for maintenance. Important note: During the warranty period, the failure of the battery due to manufacturing defects can be replaced free of charge. If the battery needs to be replaced due to wear and tear caused by normal use, the cost of the replaced battery needs to be paid.