The BalanX EMS works by giving you a high-intensity workout using
electrical muscle stimulation to contract your muscles. The electrical
pulse makes your body recruit more muscle and contract at the same
time, thereby making low intensity exercise become a high intensity
workout when you balanx. 

The technology was originally designed to help astronauts avoid
muscular atrophy. After decades of evolution, the Whole Body EMS is
accepted by the fitness industry for ordinary workout. 

With BalanX EMS, you can do any sport you like. BalanX EMS is a great
training companion when you're doing HIIT, yoga, bodyweight training
or running.

1. Increased muscle strength

Study has shown the local EMS has the ability to increase muscle strength[1]. And Whole Body EMS can exercise complete kinetic chains for athletes who need to have better performance in sports[2]. After 4 weeks training, not only maximum strength, but also speed strength, explosive power, jumping and sprinting ability can all be improved for Whole body EMS training.   

2. Reduce more fat

Compared with the traditional exercise, Whole-Body EMS can effectively reduce fat, decrease skinfolds and hip circumference[3]. And it is believed that taking more protein in the diet will increase the significance of the outcome compared to the control group[4]. 

3. Increased VO2max

Study report that after week 7 and 14 of Whole-Body EMS training,  an increase in the size and deformability of red blood cells was observed[5]. These results indicate an increased capacity for the transport of oxygen to muscular cells. 

4. Improve psychophysiological problem

Jee [6] is observed a positive change of WB-EMS in psychophysiological such as soreness, anxiety, fatigability and sleeplessnesswere. This may related to the stimluation of autonomic nervous system, 

Use BalanX Electrical Muscle Stimulator for any training you like to get you sweaty and give you a whole-body high intensity training in 20~30 mins. The training immerses you into a quiet of mind and focuses your attention with resistance to strong muscle contraction by electrical pulse.  

Hope you enjoy your balanx training and get balance after balanx. 


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