About APP System Upgrade & Offline Mode

Recently, we updated our BalanX APP system, mainly to give users a better experience without being affected by the beating during training.

Currently BalanX App has been launched in aerobic mode switch to continue running in the background of the training process. To achieve this process, your (Hub) hardware version needed to be > = 9, and App version need over 2.1.1 for IOS system & 2.2.4 android system.

For firmware upgrade process, please read the process carefully: (Notes: These pictures and videos presentations are mainly based on the Android version, and the overall IOS process is basically the same)

1. Connect your Hub to App, click the upper left corner to enter the upgrade page, as shown in the video:

2. Click “Update” bottom will come out a pop-up window appears

3. Then Click “Sure”

4. Click “Sure” again

5. After Click “Sure”, the pop-up window under the picture will appear, and the indicator light of the device will turn off.

6. Please click the power button of the device immediately (Note: watch the video for manipulation)

7. According to the above process, after the successful loading, the interface will automatically return to the home page, please restart the machine, and then connect the Bluetooth.


If you have problems during the connection and interrupt the firmware upgrade process, please see the following instructions:

Click“Scan”, you will see a device named DfuTarg, connect to Dfutarg, and then return to the Update interface, click the Update button

How to Offline mode:

1. How to get offline, please watch the video:

2. If you want to regain control with the app, please open the app and the app will remind you to enter the training interface, please watch the video:

If you meet any upgrade problems, please contact customer support for help. (support@balanxtech.com)


  • Hi, everyone. I am founder of BalanX. Hope you enjoy training with ‘offline mode’. In January I have the idea for using BalanX EMS when I am running or using elliptical machines. Now every day I use this mode for training. I think it’s very useful when you are doing your own training. Hope to hear from you.

    Bill Zhang